Sunday, February 20, 2011

And So It Begins

Hi! My name is Andrea, and I dropped out of Fluff-a-Holics Anonymous because, well, I like cloth diapers. Before I get to how that happened, allow me to start from the beginning.

My husband and I got married in December 2010. Talking about babies started in January 2011.

I know, it happened fast. But, we had been together just shy of five years when we got married, and to be honest it is getting to be a have-them-now-or-don't-have-them-at-all situation for reasons that I won't go into here.

Somewhere over the course of baby research (you know, the pre-conception appointment with the doctor, charting and figuring all that out, pre-natal vitamins and when to start taking them, etc.) I learned about cloth diapers. I believe it was one of the mamas on a message board that brought it up. Intrigued, I started researching them.

I was amazed (albeit overwhelmed) by the types of diapers, washing routines, brands, closure choices, how much better they seem to be for babies... and within a week I was hooked. I knew for sure that we were going to have cloth diapered children.

Just like that, I plunged straight into the world of cloth diapering, and love it! I love that it's an option for diapering our child in a healthier way. It seems like we, as consumers, are losing our ability to select what we bring into our home because it's all loaded with nasty chemicals, and I'm glad diapers still give a parent a choice.

My husband quickly got on board with cloth, but the rest of my family is going to need a little convincing, and that's ok. I'm up for the challenge. Our overall goal is to have a fairly diversified stash right around the time the first one arrives because I don't know what system will work best for us, and I want to start cloth immediately. And hey, if cloth doesn't work out for some strange reason, then I can always pass along the diapers to other mamas in the cloth diapering community.

So, welcome to my blog. I want this blog to function as a space for me to chronicle my journey through the whole baby thing and share some current reviews and giveaways. Eventually I would like to be able to be the one offering reviews and some giveaways. That is, once I have a little one to review products with :o)

*Note: the title of my blog, Fluff-a-Holics Anonymous Dropout, is simply designed to indicated that I really like cloth as an option for diapering. It in no way means I am a literal cloth addict. A real addiction to anything is NOT funny, and if you suspect you are an actual addict, I urge you to seek counsel.*

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