Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby wearing really is a foreign concept to me, and I think the Sleepy Wrap review at Real Mom Reviews helped me change that.

Nothing makes me more sad (sadder? That just doesn't sound right for some reason) than to see a little, tiny newborn being pushed around places like the grocery store in a stroller.

It always looked... wrong... for some reason to me. But, I guess we are trained from the time we are little girls to do things like put your babies in strollers. I mean, who didn't have one of those play ones to put your baby dolls in? I'm not very girly and even I had one.

I have been curious about baby wearing after hearing all the benefits of it. But, nothing made me more sold on the fact than the picture this mama posted of her at 9 months pregnant and then one of her wearing her baby in the Sleepy Wrap. THAT looks right. THAT looks like it's where newborns belong, next to mom, not in some cold stroller.

That picture says it all. Go see for yourself, and when you're done, enter her giveaway.

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