Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do you like the simplicity of a pre-fold?

Then you'll like these better, I'm almost willing to bet.

I have been slow to come around to the whole pre-fold and cover thing. For that matter, I've even been slow to come around to the fitted and cover thing. That's right, I'm all about my pockets, AI2, and AIO diapers.

But these intrigue me. These are twill diapers from GreenChild Creations. They require pins or Snappis and need a cover.

But, they are one-size because you can fold these however you want. In my opinion, they are better than pre-folds because these are, well, cute... and they are already diaper-shaped if that makes any sense. It has elastic, and can have inserts added. I don't know what category these technically fall into (would this be one of those contoured diapers?), but I love the concept.

I'm wondering if you could put an actual pre-fold in there under it, and use it like a diaper cover as well. It's a shame to cover up such a cute print!

Enter to win one at Crazy 4 Fluff through March 25th.

Happy entering!


greenchild said...

Anne from Greenchild Creations here :) Thanks for the shout out!!

You can stuff the pocket with another prefold (or whatever insert you choose) and go coverless, as long as you use enough absorbant material :) They would be super cute with Baby Legs!! I wouldn't go coverless under clothing though, except fleece or wool bottoms, which we actually do often. :)

Andrea G. said...

Thank you Anne!