Monday, March 21, 2011

It's truly amazing what a blog re-design will do for you.

I could sit here and stare at my new blog design. I'm such a nerd, I mean that literally.

Before Ambria came along and fixed it, I always wondered why bloggers got so excited about a re-design. I mean, I had only seen one case where a re-design update made a blog worse... so yeah, the blog looked better, but why get so excited about it?

It must be one of those things that once it's your blog, and you HATED the way it was before and then some AWESOME person (*cough*Ambria*cough*) comes to the rescue and fixes it, you have no idea just how exciting it is. I'm ridiculously happy about it, and I don't put in near the amount of hours some of the huge bloggers dedicate to their pages.

This thing looks great. I love the banner. The font looks cool and different. I love the dark background because it makes the buttons pop and gives it some color. I just love it.

So, to the bloggers: now I understand. It rocks. Now I know to be properly happy for you when you roll out a brand new page update.

To Ambria: YOU are one amazing lady. Thank you so much for making me want to put more into this thing other than have it be a giveaway bulletin board.

By the way, Ambria has a blog too. You can check it out here. She has great giveaways (including one that's up right now). She also has a facebook page. I suggest liking her page.

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