Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mama B's blog has a lot going on. *Updated*

Read below about the giveaway for two Charlie Banana diapers from Figure 8 Maternity, but now you can win a Fuzzibunz and a Rumparooz, OR a Thirsties Duo and a G Diaper. That's right, two winners. How nice of ZukaBaby (who are based in New Orleans, I'd like to throw out there) to be giving away a total of four diapers!

This giveaway is open until April 12th.

As it turns out, Mama B is having a blog event that I somehow completely missed. Yeah, I know.. but look, I haven't slept much lately and I've been off and on sick. I guess that's how I missed it?

Anyway, she is holding sponsor spotlights in which she reviews a product and holds a giveaway. You can win two itti bitti diapers, and CJ's Butter from Cloth is Green when you enter this giveaway here:

This one is open until April 7th.

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