Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Man I love the concept behind baby leg warmers. *Gift card giveaway*

I love them because you can stick a pair of these socks on a baby, and let them run around the house showing off the fluff! The best part is that you can find almost any pair of socks in any print to match any diaper.

It's better than coordinating outfits. I say this especially because the only outfits I'm able to coordinate are a t-shirt with a pair of jeans, but I digress.

Knotty Baby Wear specializes in leg warmers for little ones. She has 42 pages of warmers up on her Etsy page and that's not including the other clothes she has.

This benefits you because she is giving away a gift card to a Love Lives Here reader in the amount of $25 dollars.

That's a lloootttt of adorable baby leg warmers and a lot of diaper + warmer outfits! You can enter this giveaway through March 28th here:

Happy socks + diaper matching!

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