Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ok, back to the fun stuff. It's Under Cover Month! *Updated 3/22*

I have already introduced you to the amazing event called Under Cover Month. For those of you who aren't familiar, this entire event is dedicated to going back to basics: pre-folds and covers, fitteds and covers... you get the idea.

Starting now, I am going to post the new giveaways for Under Cover Month all in one blog post, because I get the feeling that if I don't, it's going to get disorganized fast. Since I have no clue how to sticky posts, I recommend bookmarking this tab and literally checking it daily. *Note: This is just going to be a list of the giveaways going on at the blogs I follow. There are more blogs than this participating, and for a complete list I encourage you to see the Cloth Diaper Addiction blog. The list on the right sidebar.*

29 Diapers:
-To kick it off over at 29 Diapers, there is a giveaway up from Sweet Bottoms Baby for a Tiny Tush fitted. This giveaways ends on 3-13.

The Mommy Goods:
-To start off week two (pre-folds week), she is giving away an Econobum One-Size cover and pre-fold!

Cloth Diaper Addiction:
You name it, chances are Cloth Diaper Addiction is giving it away! I will update, starting now, with specific giveaways, but for the complete list please see her blog here:

Ok guys, the amount of awesome giveaways at Under Cover Month have gotten to be too much, so they are all back to being listed individually. Sorry for the confusion... this is an ongoing experiment, and I have to continually figure out what works and what doesn't. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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