Thursday, March 10, 2011

What contributions do you make to the world of cloth diapering, and how do you spread the word to other mamas? Help out with The Dirties on Diapering!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm really bad at spreading the word about cloth diapers to the masses. I mean, I have this blog, and usually when there is a giveaway going on I will tweet and post a Facebook status about it, but in reality, how many people really see those?

What I mean is, how many disposable diaper users see those? It seems to me like this blog and those tweets are only reaching mamas that already cloth diaper.

Jamie Wilkinson can definitely say she's doing more about spreading the word than just the Facebook update and tweet. She is a photographer with a goal. She is putting together a photo coffee table style book with a mission to raise awareness about cloth.

The best part is that we can all contribute! She needs funding for the project, and it is super easy to help. You just go to her Kickstarter page and pledge any amount, one dollar and up. She is at 51% right now, and she has about 47 days to collect the rest. You will NOT be charged unless she reaches her goal by the deadline, so there is no risk to you if something happens and the project doesn't go through.

However, since this is a great project and we all want her to be successful, go join and get her there by the deadline, April 27th.

Jamie has a blog dedicated to her project, where there are prizes and giveaways for her backers. You can go read more about it here:

She also has a Facebook page:

I am calling each and every cloth diaper mama I know to contribute something to the project, because we all need to do our part in spreading the benefits of cloth. So please, for the love of fluff, go help!

Happy contributing!

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