Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Win one of my wish list diapers (Tiny Tush Elite 1.1) at Mommy's Peanut Gallery!

I have a pretty gigantic wish list of diapers. Most are from work-at-home-moms, lots are from bigger companies, and all are awesome.

Tiny Tush is on that list. Most of Tiny Tush's products are on that list actually, and there is a 1.1 up for grabs at Mommy's Peanut Gallery!

Sidenote: I also think she has an awesome blog title. Anyway, go enter to win one of my wish list diapers before April 12th.

Oh? You want to see my wish list? Eh, maybe I'll post it one day, but I think to type it all out and see it, well, more specifically, the amount of money it would take to fulfill my entire wish list, would make me cry.

Happy entering!

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