Friday, March 18, 2011

Win a pretty great Charlie Banana gift card from Natural Mommie!

I know I haven't posted anything other than giveaways lately, and I'm sorry for that. However, I really think these are great giveaways that would be advantageous to pass along to others.

This is definitely one of them. Charlie Banana is giving away a ton of gift card money, provided you place an order that's about $90 (ok, it's like $88.88 but I rounded) on their website between now and March 31st. This makes you eligible to win a first prize of $500, and a second prize of $250.

Basically, if you've been wanting to stock up on Charlie Banana but haven't yet, use your tax return here and be entered to win some amazing prizes.

Then, there's the pretty magnificent third prize that you can win just by entering at the Natural Mommie blog. I will admit, I first heard of this blog when this giveaway popped up, but honestly, it's a pretty neat blog. This third prize is for $150 to Charlie Banana. That's... pretty awesome in my opinion. You can enter at the link provided until April 13th.

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