Thursday, March 24, 2011

Workout Update Wednesday

First of all, I'd like to preface this entry by pointing out the fact that I'm not a mom blogger. Maybe (hopefully) I will be in about a year or so, but not at the moment. Therefore, Wordless Wednesday, in my opinion would not have worked. Therefore, I have come up with a different angle on this.

My background is based on daily exercise and athletics.
I have awesome muscle mass. I have always had a strong, athletic build and underneath the fluff (yes, I apply the word to not only mean cloth diapers) it is still there. I was an athlete in high school, and I can do sit-ups and crunches for forever. I can do push-ups until my arms fall off.

In the past, I did some kind of physical activity daily. In college, I went on runs and walked for forever around campus. I played sand volleyball. I need to get back to that because I'm overweight, and it's going to be a problem if it hasn't started to be a huge problem already. Being real, it has.

My current situation is... headed toward diabetes, heart disease, and overall self-destruction.
Being perfectly honest with myself, I have never actually taken a good, hard, honest look at my current health situation. And let me be clear, it is a situation. I'm seriously overweight and could stand to lose a solid 60+ pounds. My heart is in terrible shape, and as long as I'm being truthful with myself, I don't think I could sustain a healthy pregnancy like this. Furthermore, I don't WANT to be pregnant in this kind of shape. My arms are flabby, my stomach is flabby, and I'm just... not in shape. I don't FEEL healthy anymore.

What I'm doing about it:
Therefore, I am installing Workout Update Wednesday. This doesn't mean that I'm ONLY going to work out on Wednesday, it just means that I'm going to be updating my progress on Wednesdays on my blog. So, welcome to Workout Update Wednesday (I will frequently shorten this to Workout Wednesday). I am going to do some sort of workout throughout the week, and update my progress Wednesday evening. My plan is to slowly work through the C25K plan, then redo it at the correct pace.

I'm also going to be trying to eat better, sleep more, and generally take better care of myself. I thought about calling this section Take Care Tuesday, Progress Report Monday, etc. but I really like Wednesdays for this, so here we are.

Why report it on the blog?
I will revert back to sitting on the couch doing nothing (ok, I was doing something... I was doing a LOT of school work) unless I have some sort of public accountability going on. Someone or something has to hold me responsible because I do not possess the capability to hold myself accountable. I know, it's lame.. and not very grown-up, but I need to be honest.

Week 1
Starting weight: too much. Way, way too much.
Measurements: will take next week.

Today, I did day one of C25K, which is a running program designed to get you from the couch to running a 5K. I know I'm not doing that anytime soon, so I'm going to take it slow. Extremely slow. But, as long as I'm improving weekly, I'll be happy.

So, here I go. I feel good about it right now. When I got home I had a smoothie made from strawberries, plain yogurt, some juice, and some ice.

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