Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FAQs answered: Facebook games and how to play them.

Anytime there is a game being hosted by a company, web page, or blog's fan page on Facebook, there is inevitably a few people who don't know how to play and the host has to explain, sometimes repeatedly, what the rules are. I figured I would write a post that would be easy reference for game play rules.

Facebook Bingo
1. The host will usually open a post on Facebook that has you list five different numbers between 1 and 50 or 1 and 100.

2. The host will close the post after a certain amount of time, and at that point no other entries will be allowed.

3. The host then goes to and will draw numbers, usually one at a time.

4. The first person that has all five of their numbers drawn during the course of the game posts bingo, and wins the game once their numbers have been verified.

Facebook Alphabet Bingo
1. The host will open a post and will generally have a person post a five letter word using five different letters.

For example, you can post words like T-R-A-C-K, H-O-U-S-E, L-I-G-H-T... you get the idea.

2. The host will randomly pick letters, and once you get all of your letters in your word, you have alphabet bingo!

3. Note: you normally do not have to get the letters in order of your word (as in, it doesn't have to be spelled out in the correct order), it's just a general draw and the letters can be in any order. If the letters have to be drawn in order to actually spell the word, the host will specify this.

Facebook Reverse Bingo
Recently, a new twist has been put on the standard bingo game and it works a little differently. It's more like a last man standing type of bingo.

1. The host will post a status where you post your five different numbers.

2. After the host closes the post, they will go to and draw numbers, and post the number (or numbers if they choose to draw more than one at a time) in a new status.

3. This is where things get a little backwards. If one of your numbers IS DRAWN, then you are considered out.

4. If none of your numbers were drawn, you like the status where the numbers are posted.

5. This continues until only person likes the status. That person is deemed the winner upon verification.

NOTE: This is how games are normally run. Any further rules will be specified by the host.

Happy playing!

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