Saturday, April 9, 2011

I love the Cloth Diaper Fairy's blog! Oh, and a bonus... she does giveaways.

I found, thanks to an email I got from another blog, The Cloth Diaper Fairy. Her blog is so cute, brand new, and very helpful.

Right now she is walking people through each type of diaper. Now, I know that that's nothing new on blogs, and bloggers tend to do this a lot (notice: I haven't, and that's because I have absolutely NOTHING new to add to what's already out there). However, hers has a twist to it that makes the information very easy to read. I really enjoyed reading through her guide to diapers.

Her most recent post is for a Rump*a*Rooz one-size diaper with a super cool, almost customizable insert. You can find the giveaway here:


Erin said...

Thanks for blogging! And thanks for your comment. About the HE washer... it's fairly new to me, too, and I'm still trying things out.

Right now I use Ecos detergent, and I have been pleased. I just use a TINY bit for diapers. I have a LAUNDRY review/giveaway event in the works for my blog, so I look forward to learning more.
As far as getting enough water... the only trick I've figured out so far is to add a clean towel or two to the diaper laundry, just to make it heavier. I wonder if you could pour water into the washer manually before starting it? Hmmmm there's a thought... :)

Erin said...

Update: My hubby says the pouring water into the washer thing is not a good idea. LOL!