Thursday, April 14, 2011

There is a Green Line Diapers giveaway going on at Padded Tush Stats.

Did you see the new button over there ------------>?

It takes you to Padded Tush Stats. I'm almost positive I've blogged about them before, but since I'm so bad about attaching labels to posts, I'll go ahead and restate my blurb about them again.

The purpose of Padded Tush Stats is to compile information, submitted by cloth diapering moms, and figure out how moms rate certain diapers in several categories, so when you're looking at a new brand and deciding whether you think it'll work well on your extra tall, skinny waist, chunky thigh baby you can go find out on Padded Tush Stats.

They do giveaways periodically too. Right now they have a giveaway up for a diaper they just compiled data for called Green Line Diapers. I have heard of them, but don't own any diapers and haven't found many reviews on them.

NOTE: There are extra entries for submitting reviews. I don't think anybody reading this would actually do this, but please don't submit fake reviews for entries. If you haven't actually tried the diaper on your child, please don't submit a review. It's unethical, and it skews the results for other moms.

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