Tuesday, April 12, 2011

There is a Sloomb/Sbish longies giveaway up on Knocked Up and Nursing.

I am fairly new to the concept of wool or knit anything- soakers, shorties, or longies. I can tell you that they are basically three different things though, and I can also tell you that they make great diaper covers.

Oh, and I have heard awesome things about Sbish products. All of them. They are probably the one brand/company that I have heard raves about their entire line of products (note: this does not include companies that only make one product). Therefore I was pretty excited when I opened my email to see that there was an email from Knocked Up, and even more excited when I saw that there was a giveaway up from Sloomb/Sbish (another note: for those of you that are new here to the cloth diaper world, Sbish is shorthand for Sustainablebabyish. Try typing that three times fast.) because I, of course, want some.

Honestly, this is a great giveaway. Go check out their website... those longies are expensive! So here is your chance to try them if you aren't sure about wool or knit or anything other than good 'ol cotton. OH! This is important! You have to hand wash these. I'm willing to bet it's worth it though.


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