Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tons of Smart Bottoms giveaways going on.. I feel like I should maybe combine them all into one post.

1. Happenings of the Harper Household had a virtual party the other day. Her party is still active, and there is a link on her blog where you can go shop. Those purchases lead to extra entries in the giveaway, so it could be a buy one get one free type of deal (if you're lucky and you win the giveaway of course).

So go enter her Smart Bottoms giveaway.

2. Double Duty Mommy has one up for Smart Bottoms as well. You can enter that one here:

3. I get the feeling that Mama B will be posting one today or tomorrow, so keep an eye out.

UPDATED: The Smart Bottoms giveaway from Mama B is now up! You can enter here:

until April 16th!

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