Sunday, April 10, 2011

Win a Little Sprout Growing pocket diaper! They look so cute.

I stumbled upon a new blog today called Little Sprout Growing. I really have no idea how I find these blogs, but I am so fortunate that I do because I feel like I find the coolest things.

For example, this particular blog is hosting a giveaway for a pocket diaper. Now, you might be expecting me to post about a mainstream pocket diaper giveaway like Go Green Pocket Diapers or something, but this pocket is actually quite special.

Her very talented mother is making a diaper for her to giveaway on her blog. These are not commercially available, and she makes it clear on the blog that this giveaway is a one-time only thing.

You can win a white fitted pocket diaper in your choice of size by entering here:

This giveaway is open through the 11th, so hurry.

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