Friday, April 22, 2011

Win a super cute printed one-size diaper from Greenchild Creations at The Reynolds Mom!

The Reynolds Mom is hosting a giveaway for a one-size fitted diaper from Greenchild Creations! See the link below to see the print.

For an extra entry, you can follow The Greenchild Chronicles blog, which is the owner's blog about her life. I knew I liked her blog when I went to the page and saw a whole post about over-sanitizing kids today and how underexposure to germs, etc. is not actually a good thing. Oh and um... my apologies to Anne for leaving a mini-rant on the topic as a comment to the post. As a member of the biology field, that topic is a major point of interest for me.

Anyway, take a look around her Facebook profile and Etsy shop, because she makes such cute diapers.

This giveaway closes on May 4th.

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