Sunday, May 15, 2011

Freckleberry Finds is adorable, and her giveaways are awesome: Giveaway May

I found a new blog! Really, I love doing this. I have actually found two new blogs, but Freckleberry Finds is up first.

To begin, her blog is simply adorable. Her button (I added it ----------------------------------> over there at the top) is cute. Her blog layout is cute. It's just... so darn cute.

Next, it's Giveaway May (the button for this is <------------------------------- over there at the top). This means that you have half a month left to get in on some seriously fabulous prizes, both fluff-related and non-fluff related. For example:

1. She has a giveaway open until the 17th for TWO Comfyrumps diapers.

2. She has a giveaway up for Best Bottom diapers until the 24th.

3. She has a giveaway up for a Sweet Pea one-size diaper going on until the 27th.

4. A non-fluff related giveaway she has going on is for a pound of fudge from Jewel of the Lion until the 19th...

and really a whole bunch of stuff. Plus, the month is only half over. Therefore, I'm sure she has a lot more in store for her event Giveaway May!

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