Saturday, May 7, 2011

I found a new blog! Mama's Passions... and just in time for a Zookies giveaway.

Man I love finding new blogs. This is nothing new- I'm always on the hunt for new awesome blogs that bring a fresh twist to the frugal/babywearing/cloth diapering community.

Mama's Passions is one of those. This edgy mama is all about these things.

I found her in time to get in on a Zookies cover giveaway! She is hosting a giveaway for a surprise print. I can't decide if that's risky or awesome, but I'm going to go with awesome because honestly, I do not believe Zookies makes a single ugly print.

And I'm *dying* to get my hands on one. If you are too, follow the link below and enter. This one ends on the 10th.

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