Friday, May 20, 2011

My blonde moment of the day: It didn't even occur to me to use disposable nursing pads.


When my husband and I started talking all things baby back in January (when to start TTC, what diapers to use, the safest car seat on the market, adoption vs. having one etc.) and we started looking into cloth diapers, I read about cloth wipes and cloth nursing pads too.

I think this is because when I was entering some of the Facebook photo album giveaways they were always being given away as prizes. I guess it was just assumed that at that point we would also use cloth wipes, and I figured I should also enter some giveaways for nursing pads because even we do go the adoption route, I know I'll have friends that will have babies and they would make great shower gifts.

To this day, I still have not won any of these sets, which is why when one of my friends came to hang out with me today I didn't have any to give her when she was, as she put it, "on her last set." I was like "yeah I guess those can get left out of the laundry pretty easily." She looked at me like I had lost my damn mind. Turns out, she used disposable nursing pads.

Guys, I can occasionally be a ding bat sometimes, and apparently today was one of those times. It honest to goodness NEVER occurred to me that people would use disposable nursing pads. Not even for a second. So I looked at her like she was driving a huge bus and I was a deer too frozen to move off the highway, and basically replied with something along the lines of "you..... you uh..... *cough* are on your last set of clean ones? Because..... because your other ones didn't make it into the wash? *Cough* Right?"

Disclaimer: I am NOT judging whatsoever. I don't judge these types of decisions at all. I just literally did not think about the fact that disposable nursing pads are even made.

Hey, being able to laugh at yourself is healthy, right? :o)

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