Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OOOHHHHH Britax (Britax giveaway).

Is it ever too soon to start thinking about your baby's health and safety? In my own personal opinion- no. No, it's not.

Even right now, as my husband and I get ready to TTC our first, I'm trying to do everything I can to ensure a healthy pregnancy. I'm exercising more, eating healthy food to beef up the vitamin and minerals (and protein because as it turns out, I was horribly deficient), and trying to get into good habits overall. Not just for me, but so that I can also teach my children how to eat appropriate foods.

Beyond getting my body ready for pregnancy (we might go adoption, but that's for a different blog post), we decided to get our environment set up to give baby the best stuff possible, and as apart of that we started looking at car seats. We mainly did this because we also have several friends that are having or just had a baby, and so we hear these conversations a lot.

This is how I learned about the phenomenal products at Britax. Now, I should also mention that I apparently drive the invisible car. Lets just say that in the last three years, I have had to get two new cars due to pretty major crashes, and, even after thorough investigation NONE of them have been my fault. As you can see, safety in the car is super important to me. I purchase cars based not only on crash test ratings, but also reviews from people about how they have held up in-real life crashes from all sides.

So I was pretty thrilled to learn about Britax products, and when one mom posted her story about how she was involved in a crash that was strikingly similar to one I was in back in September, and her infant in the Britax literally had zero complications as a result, I was sold. After looking up a ton more reviews I showed my husband all of the things the Britax does, how they work, etc. I also showed him the nearly $300 price tag, at which he never even began to complain.

I am so happy to share with you a Britax Chaperone giveaway going on over at Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous. I think the fact that Britax is open to having people host giveaways for their products is incredible, and of all the giveaways I post, this one absolutely had to be shared. It's open to Canada and US addresses and is open until the 23rd of May.

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