Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Want to stop playing fetch? Win a Dropper Stopper from N.C. Baby Blog!

Let us all be honest with ourselves, nobody likes the game of fetch. Unless of course you are at a park and playing it with your dog, where you are the one doing the throwing and your dog is the one doing the fetching.

Sadly, babies don't get that mommies and daddies everywhere hate playing fetch. I think the universal hatred of this game that is not meant for tired moms and dads is actually one of the things that I would argue parents globally can agree upon. I mean, parents have different opinions about what to feed their kids, how to clothe their kids, how to diaper their kids, whether or not to use a pacifier, baby wearing, etc. The one unifying thing? The hatred of fetch.

Until babies learn that, yes, gravity DOES work 100% of the time, you have the Dropper Stopper. This elastic type of band goes around your kid's favorite thing to make you fetch, attaches to your kid's favorite seat to make you fetch from (be it a stroller, high chair, etc.), and keeps you from having to play fetch. The best part? According to the review at N.C. Baby Blog, there are snaps so the size of the things it will prevent being thrown is customizable to a degree.

Want one? Enter at the link below.



Ali said...

great post! Good luck in the giveaway! :)


Andrea G. said...

Thanks Ali!