Thursday, May 12, 2011

Win a Parking Pal at The Adventures of My Family of 8!

This is such a great idea. These parents were tired of having their children run around the parking lot, so they invented these magnets that you attach to your car. They have handprints on them, and come in all kinds of fun colors.

Why do I care? Well, because how many times have you been at the store or somewhere and the kids run out into the lanes of the parking lot and put themselves in danger? Normally, I'm holding hands or something but when I get to the car and I'm trying to put my baby niece into her car seat and my two nephews aren't buckled in yet, having a place for their hands to go and not move keeps out of harm.

You can win one of these Parking Pals in the PlanetPal design at The Adventures of My Family of 8 blog until May 22nd. Go check out Shanna's review because she said what I wanted to say here much better.

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