Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mommy and Me Giveaways have a TON of awesome giveaways going on!

The awesome mamas over at Mommy and Me Giveaways are hosting a slew of awesome giveaways, and if it's ok with them, I'm going to list them all here. There are so many awesome giveaways I will list 10 of them here and you guys can go look over there for the rest. I'm going to try to get these in order by dates they are ending.

-True Womb Review and Giveaway (ending 6-12)
You can win a swaddle of your choice! True Womb has several types of swaddles, including a weaning swaddle that keeps your little one's arms free but legs swaddled.

-MAM Pacifier giveaway (6-12)
This pacifier supports better bite and jaw development. I am really against using a pacifier with our kids for this reason, but I am glad to know that there are some out there that are at least trying to support better tooth and bite development.

-Cuddlebee Bib and Burper Set (ending 6-13)
This shop makes the cutest bib and burp rag sets in the cutest prints, most of which I haven't seen anywhere else.

-My Brest Friend (ending 6-14)
Moms breastfeeding need all the help they can get, because that job looks tough. I mean, you basically turn into a walking buffet for 1+ years, so why not breastfeed comfortably? My Brest Friend is a pillow that promotes correct, comfortable posture while supporting your baby.

-Undercover Mama (ending 6-14)
You know how when you're breast feeding, your boobs have to be easily accessible? That's why most women invest in at least one nursing tank. Well what if you could turn your own bra into a nursing tank? That's exactly what Undercover Mama does! Think of the bra plus nursing top an AI2 system :o)

-AWESOME PRIZE PACK from Tommee Tippee! (ending 6-14)
Tommee Tippee makes baby bottles, nursing products, stuff like that. They are giving away an entire set of 5 and 9 ounce bottles, and the Closer to Nature Breast Pump Kit and storage bottles. How awesome is that!?

-ERGO Carrier (ends 6-15)
This needs no introduction at all :o)

-Woombie Donut Pillow (ending 6-15)
These little pillows are great for those times when your newborn needs to have a stable place to lay down. It also zips up to form a little bag, which is great for on-the-go needs.

-Halo Comfortluxe (ends 6-16)
Have a baby with eczema? Comfortluxe clothing is for you! Go check out this review and giveaway for a set of sleepwear.

-zCush (ending 6-18)
Have a newborn and you're worried about keeping them warm/people handling them? Then I highly suggest looking into a zCush. It protects a newborn and makes them easier to handle as they pass from one person to another.

-Philips Avent infant starter set and teether (6-18)
If you have an infant or expecting an infant go check this awesome prize package out! The package includes BPA-free bottles and a teether.

-Baby Bella baby legs giveaway (6-18)
Again, I LOVE baby leggings! Two winners will receive their choice of BabyLegs!

-SwaddleDesigns giveaway (6-19)
What newborn doesn't like swaddling? Make swaddling easier with this swaddle set. A second winner will win a blanket!

-Little Green Tee review (6-19)
Win an organic onesie from an awesome, awesome company! Their onesies have cute sayings on them as well!

-Patemm Pad (6-19)
Pimp out your diaper bag (or leave it at home!) with a Patemm changing pad! This thing is awesome. You just really have to go see for yourself.

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