Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Win a Bella Blu Maternity gift card at Measuring Flower!

Some people probably saw the title of this blog post and went "oh, a maternity store... I guess I could use some maternity clothes" and didn't really think much more about it. It's a gift card to a maternity store. I mean, sure, they probably have cute maternity clothes.

My friends, I just spent about thirty minutes on their website. It's SO MUCH MORE than just maternity clothes. They have baby carriers of all sorts, from Ergo to K'Tan and Moby.

They have bumGenius diapers (4.0!) and baby legs. They have shopping cart covers, baby room furniture, clothes to wear post-partum, diaper bags, and... everything.

They carry such a huge variety of things that I'm sure you're now WAY excited to enter the giveaway for a $30 gift card from Measuring Flower (until July 8th)! I know I am.

And, as my 17-year-old brother would say, real talk... Bella Blu, change your name from Bella Blu Maternity to Bella Blu I Have Everything because you do. That's a far more accurate description.

One quick note about this giveaway: it's a Rafflecopter giveaway, which means it has those annoying, super slow-to-load boxes. Give it a second because it will pop up. If it doesn't refresh until it does. 

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