Friday, June 24, 2011

Win a super cute Juliette nursing top from BOBA at Closer to Lucy!

Sooo who's frustrated with Blogger? I am! Many apologies to Closer to Lucy. Here is the post that Blogger appears to have consumed.

It seems like it was at one time so.difficult. to find cute maternity/nursing apparel. When I was in North Carolina visiting my grandparents a few months ago, my grandmother, upon seeing a pregnant lady in a super cute, slightly stretchy top, made a comment about they didn't have things like that. I asked her to elaborate, and she basically said that they had to just buy stuff a few sizes too big.

Flattering, I'm sure. Why not just punch a hole for your head in a curtain and wear that then?

Fortunately we've come a long way in maternity fashions and one of the companies leading the way are BOBA (not to be confused with the Boba carriers). BOBA stands for Baby On Board Apparel. They make all kinds of easy boob access tops, including the Juliette top.

The Juliette top reminds me of a Baby Bond nursing cover in a way because there are these layers of fabric in the shirt, but you can nurse your baby without needing a cover because the shirt functions as a cover. Therefore, the baby can see what's going on around it without being covered, just like the Baby Bond.

Not one, but two lucky people will win a Juliette nursing top of their choice in color from the eternally precious Closer to Lucy blog. The mandatory entry for this one is kind of fun because she wants to know what color you'd want and why you need one. My response? Winning one will keep me out of my husband's t-shirts from college.

This giveaway is open at the link below until July 9th.

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