Friday, January 27, 2012

There are TONS of amazing giveaways at the RockerByeBaby Baby Shower Event!

In the interest of time, I'm going to be listing all the giveaways here for the RockerByeBaby baby shower event that's going on over on her blog.

I'm not quite sure when these end, so I'd hurry over. Warning: these are comment entries, so make sure to leave some time to enter because this stuff... well, rocks!

I don't know about you, but I'm of typical stuff for babies and toddlers. Sick of it. I mean, I like a good jungle theme outfit as much as the next girl, but every now and then I need some.... zest. I need some flair. I need somebody to stop me in the grocery store and go "that's an awesome outfit." Enter, RockerByeBaby.

Giveaway 1: I think if I were a parent, I would want my child to have shoes on when we left the house. I'm not sure why, as they aren't necessary until they really are of walking age, but it's just a "thing" I have I guess. But normal shoes are so heavy and probably bad for little ones... so that's why I'm glad Me and Reekie have been generous enough to giveaway a pair of booties! Their tag line is "where funky meets function," and I have to agree once I took one look at their shop! Their shoes are precious.

Giveaway 2: The mind behind Wild Juniper is one full of lots of creative ideas. For example, the giveaway is a onesie with a mustache on it. I love it. Simple, yet clever. I might even be brave enough to put this on my little girl lol.

Giveaway 3: Kate Mae Designs is giving away any in-stock mobile! These super beautiful to look at mobiles are made of all kinds of colors, shapes, designs, etc. and are the perfect finishing touch to any child's room. For once, we have something designed to entertain children but still be beautiful enough for the adults to enjoy too.

Giveaway 4: Choose between three onesies from Cuddlestar! These beautiful, not your run-of-the-mill outfits look great. Plus there's a bonus... she's in Austin, Texas! My hometown! Supporting local is VERY important to me (I'm kidding, but really she is awesome).

Giveaway 5: Get back to basics with Olliebeez. Kids play with so many over stimulating toys these days, that a custom designed set of wooden blocks! This is a great gift idea. Additionally, blocks help kids learn how to build creativity, which is important.

Giveaway 6: Everybody loves carrying around their big, heavy, awkward diaper bags to go on a short trip, right? Wait... what do you mean no? No you don't? I didn't think so. That's why you need a diaper clutch from StellarCheri. These creative clutches are perfect for grab-and-go situations where the baby is coming with you, but lugging that diaper bag seems more like a chore than a help.

Giveaway 7: Sweet Monkey Tots. Yeah, the stuff in her shop is as cute as the name of her shop. Up for grabs is an absolutely gorgeous wipes case. She has the most creative eye when it comes to matching ribbon to fabric, and even knowing what fabric is going to look so great on the finished product is itself a talent! She makes bibs, burp cloths, and an assortment of other baby items, all of which are just fantastic.

Giveaway 8: The super nice lady at Small Threads (on Etsy) will make a CUSTOM tee or onesie for the winner!!! You guys have to check out this Etsy page. I have no idea what I would even pick if I won because literally I want everything in the shop. There are diaper bags, underwear for boys, onesies, tees, you name it.

Giveaway 9: Giveaway 9 is for a custom teething lovey from the Stella Grace boutique. These are little miniature blanket-type things that are attached to a wooden ring, perfect for teething babies to chew and play with. I think these are very creative soothers for teething little ones, and if you have a baby that's entering this phase, I'd go enter.

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